Saturday, November 24, 2007

Utilize the Resources:

Anna Farmery’s post at The Engaging Brand, “Social Media Is” breaks down the factors necessary to create value, in this case a Picasso:

“A canvas was needed to show the world. Ideas are great but unless you find a way to share the idea then no one will see it, no one will buy into it.

Only through the brush, the paint, the canvas, the easel coming together with Picasso was the painting born. No matter how talented you always need a diverse set of resources around you to bring the dream alive”

Two points need emphasis when you are creating lasting value, 1) there are many variables that go into creating your masterpiece restaurant, 2) those variables need you to organize them. Anna’s example above, a brush, paint, canvas and easel does not create a Picasso. The artist creates value by utilizing the resources.