Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Smart Phone Marketing:

Creating customer advocacy is going to be augmented by evolving smart phone technology. A story “Smart phone suggest things to do

“When a person first opens a phone that has Magitti software, she will instantly see a list of recommendations. If it's noon, the software might suggest local restaurants... If it's 9 P.M., a list of pubs might appear. Over time, these recommendations will change as Magitti learns more about the user's behaviors and preferences…,…If, for instance, a person is using Magitti to find a restaurant for dinner, and she gets a text message from a friend suggesting sushi, the software will put recommendations for sushi and Japanese restaurants higher on the list.”

The phone will learn your customers preferences and convey those preferences to other people your customer interacts with. Creating customer advocacy now is being integrated into Smart Phone Marketing.