Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Golden Ratio:

Roger Dooley’s post “Art, the Golden Mean and The Brian” reminds restaurateurs that many variables comprise that customer experience, not the least of which is design.

the Golden Ratio and the Golden Section. Approximated as 1.618, the Golden Mean plays a prominent role in math, science, and art. Mathematicians know it as “phi” - the ratio between number pairs in the Fibonacci series. Biologists find it in the proportions of Nautilus shells and leaves. Architects, painters, and sculptors have incorporated the ratio into their works because it seems to impart a pleasing balance. The facade of the Parthenon, considered to be one of the most perfectly proportioned buildings in history, matches the Golden Ratio.

The Golden Ratio creates a pleasing balance, a natural harmony in the spatial environment. Ratios in harmony soothe the spirit below the level of awareness. The sensory experience occurs below the conscious level. Make your guests feel harmonious by utilizing in your restaurant design the Golden Ratio!