Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Americans are choosing to dine out on Thanksgiving:

Restaurants and Institution’s article “Some Deliciously Unpuritanical Thanksgiving Menusreviews some of the creative menu’s for an increasingly large percentage of the population.

“More than 10% of Americans dine out on Thanksgiving Day, according to the National Restaurant Association, and restaurants are stepping up to the plate with mouth-watering holiday menus. Some evoke home-spun memories with traditional fare, others favor more-contemporary seasonal recipes and the rest fall somewhere in between. To satisfy the diverse dining preferences of any family or group, many operators hedge their bets by offering tastes from across the spectrum”

…further 53% Percent of consumers who use restaurant-prepared takeout items for all or part of their holiday meals.
National Restaurant Association

Increasingly consumers are coming to the realization that the essence of Thanksgiving is sharing abundance with family and friends, not slaving away in the kitchen and not being able to enjoy your guests. This realizations creates business opportunities for entrepreneurs. Are you up to the challenge of Americans choosing to dine out on Thanksgiving?