Thursday, November 8, 2007

Service Recovery:

A guest highlights an issue that did not meet with their satisfaction. This is an opportunity to create customer advocacy. An opportunity exists to turn a bad experience into a positive one and create a lifelong customer.

Five elements are present in a correct response to customer interaction that did not go well.

1) Listen.

Listen completely and totally to the customer. Do not interrupt or be distracted in any way. Give the customer your undivided attention for as long as it takes for the customer to express themselves.

2) Get mad with the customer.

Your restaurant let this customer down in some fashion. You as the restaurateur should be mad along with the customer.

3) Find how the customer would like to resolve it.

You have listened to customer and expressed your personal outrage at the failing of your restaurant, now ask the customer how they would like to resolve the issue. Do not offer suggestions at this point, simply listen.

4) Resolve it.

If the solution the customer suggests is quickly attainable, do it. If the solution is more complex, step back, tell the customer that you will review the suggested solution and get back to them at a specified time and then follow through

5) Say Thank You.

Implementing these five very simple steps will create customer advocacy in abundance. Your guest felt that an injustice was done to them in some fashion, they are only seeking to be heard. Listening is the critical component of this equation.

When a mistake occurs in your restaurant there is an opportunity to make a connection with your guest by following the five simple steps of Service Recovery!