Thursday, November 8, 2007

Catering Anyone?

The Arizona Republic’s Karen Fernau and Susan Felt article “Catering to Newbies” highlights a growing trend toward catered functions at home.

Catering is decidedly mainstream. Today, record numbers of Americans are hiring others to do their cooking, from grocery-store deli managers to chefs at four-star restaurants.

"Catering has gone from being affordable only to the elite to a practical service for anybody and everybody," said Bonnie Fedchock, executive director of the National Association of Catering Executives in Maryland.”

Times are changing, not long ago no one thought about hosting a dinner party, holiday gathering or a backyard BBQ and having all the fixins catered. Now you will receive strange glances if you slave in the kitchen all day preparing for the party. Clearly there is an opportunity for an enterprising restaurateur.

Catering Anyone?