Saturday, November 24, 2007

Mental Blocks:

Steve Pavlina’s post “2 Mental Blocks to Making Money” reminds us restaurateurs that it’s all about the customer.

“…By focusing on trying to get money, you’re missing the point. The point is to provide value to others. This means serving people in a way they aren’t already being served, in a manner that aligns with your unique creative self-expression. Share what only you can share. Express what only you can express in the way that only you can express it…

…Try to look past your own needs and recognize there’s a pretty interesting world around you. Through your actions you can have an impact on it, for better or worse. Think about how you can provide something that people want or need in a way they aren’t already being served, something that will make a positive difference. Then act on it.”

Focus entirely on the customer and then act upon it. A bias for action is tantamount. Too often we spend our energy preparing to act, yet take no action. We have the resources all about us, however we do not use them.

Focus on the customer and acting upon that focus is the only way to break through Mental Blocks!