Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Status is just an agreement

Trendwatching's latest newsletter highlights status.

The five trends include

1 Bigger, better, harder

2 Generosity

3 Green credentials and unconsumption

4 In the know and skills

5 Connectivity

They close with this tidbit.

Because man’s vanity, ego, his yearning to be recognized, seen, admired, heard, envied and lusted after knows no boundaries, there will always be new ways to help him/her stand out from the herd, as long as you keep a close eye on societal changes that lead to shifts in what constitutes status.

Here's what:

  • Develop a better understanding of who (and how) your customers are trying to impress. If you find your brand is still mainly focusing on BIGGER, BETTER, HARDER, but your customers aren't, then you obviously and urgently need to start exploring the rest of the STATUSPHERE.
  • If you already actively serve a diverse crowd of status seekers, figure out how you can help them to better show off their new status symbols or better tell their status stories. While they're used extensively in the BIGGER, BETTER, HARDER realm, elements like showcasing, visibility, and story ingredients are still often overlooked in the GENEROSITY, GREEN, IN THE KNOW & SKILLS, and CONNECTIVITY realms.