Saturday, May 1, 2010

Restaurants are getting quiet

Because no one is talking. Everyone is texting. It is very possible for four people to be sitting in a restaurant and not say a word to each other. Soon they will be able to order without human contact.

Greg Burns' article expounds of the youthquake taking place,

For years, technology gurus have predicted a revolution in how Americans connect, but it never seemed to come as fast as they expected. In mobile wireless, everything from long service contracts to spotty infrastructure and the slow pace of smart-phone adoption confounded them.

The iPhone's debut in 2007 coincided with less visible advances driven by mobile messaging. The new iPad, fitting between smart phones and laptops, adds to the momentum.

"We have the right devices, the right networks and the right applications," said Roger Entner, senior vice president of research and insights at the Nielsen Co. "It's finally happening on a massive, massive scale."

It's a youthquake. At the end of last year, the average wireless subscriber sent fewer than three texts for every phone call, while teens age 13-17 sent almost 18 texts for every call.