Sunday, December 16, 2007

Web 2.0:

Chris Muller at Restaurants & Institutions has a good piece about “Web 2.0

Here is a short list of some must know terms.

Blogs (short for Web logs) are online journals or diaries hosted on a Web site (you’re reading a blog now).

Online games include both games played on dedicated game consoles that can be networked and “massively multiplayer” games. These involve thousands of people who interact simultaneously through personal avatars in online worlds that exist independently of any single player’s activity.

Social networks allow members of specific sites to learn about other members’ skills, talents, knowledge, or preferences. Commercial examples include Facebook and MySpace. Some companies use such systems internally to help identify experts.

Web services are software systems that make it easier for different systems to communicate with each other automatically to pass information or conduct transactions. A retailer and supplier, for example, might use Web services to communicate over the public Internet and automatically update each other’s inventory systems.

Widgets are programs that allow access from users’ desktops to Web-based content.

Mobile marketing is direct cellphone text couponing and personal messaging.

Collective intelligence refers to any system that attempts to tap the expertise of a group rather than an individual to make decisions. Technologies that contribute to collective intelligence include collaborative publishing and common databases for sharing knowledge.

Mash-ups are aggregations of content from different online sources to create a new service. An example would be a program that pulls restaurant listings from one site and displays them on a Google map to show where they are located.”

Creating customer advocacy is integrated because there are many ways for your customers to tell others about you. The myriad of social networks offer limitless opportunity for your customers to interact with their friends and with you. It is possible to have your daily specials as a widget that updates the desktops of all subscribers. Smart phones will be Web 2.0 enabled. Online gaming is the fastest growth segment on the planet. Mash-ups are unbelievable, Google Earth street view will show everyone your front door and beer garden. Web 2.0 is here and you need to participate.

After you integrated Web 2.0 into your business and life here comes Web 3.0 followed closely by Web 4.0.