Friday, December 21, 2007

Deconstructing a Brand:

"Every Good and Excellent Thing Stands Moment by Moment on the Razor's Edge of Danger and Must Be Fought For” Ross Perot

Fast Company’s Chris Dannen article about Entrepreneurship in an entertainment family has implications in your business.

“…entertainers are. But no matter the niche, startup owners have to be almost myopic about preserving the integrity and reliability of their brand. Lose the trust and regard of your customers, and any further efforts your business makes will be laughably disregarded…

…they reinforce each other, compounding the knot of incompetence and rendering each of their brands' values -- and their common brand -- increasingly devoid in value. Rarely does celebrity news have too much to teach the business world, but in this case, take some heed: no one operates in a vacuum, especially a family. And personal life and business are rarely as divorced as anyone would like.”

Chris’ point is that your business is interwoven with your personal life, that of your employees’ and your business partners. Part of the deal that a business makes is to behave in fashion that encourages further interaction. The price of breaking that trust with your customers tends to be insolvency of the brand.

Eternal vigilance is the price to avoid Deconstructing the Brand!