Thursday, December 27, 2007

Cell Phone Strategy:

Quinn Bowman of QSR Magazine examines Cell Strategies:

“customers bring up the coupon on their cell phone screen and present it to the clerk to redeem the coupon.

With cell phone coupons, restaurants can learn a lot more information about who is asking for and redeeming coupons and can follow the coupon process from start to finish, as opposed to only keeping track of how many coupons go out and how many come back.

Cellfire shares demographic information with its merchant clients. Moore says it gives merchants the ability to almost look over a customer’s shoulder.”

The coupon is based on permission marketing where the customer has given permission to have coupon of restaurants marketed to them. Cell phone use is pervasive in the younger demographic that will grow into an older demographic and expect your restaurant to market to them in channels that they are comfortable with?

What is your restaurant’s Cell Phone Strategy?