Saturday, October 27, 2007

That’s Expensive:

Patrick Williams whose blog is a must read has a very interesting response next time your guest questions your price. Whether you are putting together a large private dining affair or are taking a large corporate catering order the first time client will undoubtedly say how expensive that is. Patrick’s response is

“I looked them straight in the eye and confidently reply, “yes, it is reassuringly expensive, isn’t it?” I confirm they are buying the best because I couldn’t possibly charge that price if what I sold didn’t deliver.

Of course, the product or service must deliver and I am confident what I sell does deliver, time and again.”

Try the response out next time a new guest pushes for a discount. You and your staff strive constantly to put out the very best product you can. Don’t discount period, if you must make concessions use the value added approach by offering some additional product at no or limited charge.

You are now ready to respond when guests feign shock and say That’s Expensive!