Monday, October 15, 2007

Move in Day:

The inspectors have completed their examinations and you have passed. The furniture is in place. The paint is dry. It is move in day. You’re elated to finally bring perishable product into the space. This will be one of the happiest day’s in your business life.

The long struggle of the build out is behind you, no more contractors until the next project. The sucking sound in your checking account will ease a bit. Do not get accustomed to that. Operations can be just as challenging as a build out, but it is challenges that you signed up for. Opening a restaurant, you had no idea you had to become a contractor for six months to a year. Ahead of you lies the joy of operating a restaurant, personnel issues, menu challenges, customer service and the hope of customer advocacy.

Here comes the first truckload of produce, yes it is Move in Day!