Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Annual Bathroom Blogfest is occurring today, All Halos Eve! There are some great stories about the horrors of bathrooms in the customer experience.

Restaurateurs invest ten to twenty-five percent of their construction budget into building bathrooms. A significant portion of your monthly rent payment finances their continued existence. Many a wonderful dining experience has been obliterated after answering natures calling. Why?

Have you ever visited a restaurants bathroom and thought maybe you had entered a war zone. The bombed out stalls, the peeling paint, the unhinged stall doors, the burned out lights, the chipping grout and the stained bowl, did you think to yourself why?

A restaurant will not create customer advocacy with its bathroom in disarray. Is it really that difficult to insure that the bathrooms are clean, that there are ample supplies and that possibly there are fresh flowers?

All Halos Eve is about the forces of darkness marshalling their energy for their climatic battle against the forces of light. Your restaurant needs to be on the victorious side in the battle of the bathrooms!