Sunday, October 7, 2007

99 Seasons:

The Chicago Cubs are on the verge of the extraordinary. Having been eliminated Saturday they have now gone 99 seasons since winning their last championship in 1908. One would think the law of averages would work in their favor, it has not. Everyone in Chicago was concerned that the Cubs might spoil the Hundredth year party next year by winning it all this year. Thankfully that did not happen. The universe however likes all things to tend toward equilibrium. A team’s postseason success tends to benefit sports bars and neighborhood taps at the expense of sit down casual and fine dining restaurants. The effect is also felt by other entertainment venues such as, movies, art openings and cultural events. If your team is making a run, the citizenry tend to rally around the team, eat lots of pizza, burgers, nachos, chili, hot dogs etc. and forget about finer points of pasta, seafood, salads and culture.

Now thankfully restaurant activity can get back to normal, without the disruption of a World Championship run, just like its been for 99 Seasons!