Thursday, September 20, 2007

Visual Appeal:

Roger Dooley at the Nueromarketing Blog has a great post about how we react to the sight of food:

“Chefs and food critics alike will underscore that visual appeal is important in appreciating food. (I should point out that this study looked only at sight and taste, while it is certain that smell is a critical component of enjoying food and is probably at least as potent as the other senses.) Skilled chefs take care to present their dishes in an attractive and appetizing manner - they understand (without neuromarketing input!) that enhancing the visual appeal will make the food taste better.

Food marketers should follow the old maxim that “a picture is worth a thousand words” - showing people a picture of a food they crave bypasses conscious thought and directly activates the brain.”

Presentation and architecture influences how a meal will taste. Fundamental in this discussion is the fact that dining in a restaurant, coffee house, deli or bookstore is not about the act of eating. Restaurants are places where people go to interact with other people, dining out is all about sociability.

Menu items to be successful need a Visual Appeal!