Thursday, September 27, 2007

How to Grow Step 1:

Becky Carroll, “Coffeehouse Blues” post did a very good job at tackling a common growth scenario. She looked at the project from the point of view of the customer and you must also.

They are profitable, they are well-known locally, and they have a group of loyal customers from which to build. By taking some time to understand the needs of their best customers, as well as how they can improve their customer experience, they have the foundation necessary to keep and grow existing customers as well as bring in new customers via word of mouth and customer advocacy.”

Only by understanding “why people frequent your restaurant” can you ever hope to build and grow. Let your guest tell you why they come to your restaurant, do not guess. Knowing that you do not know is wisdom, thinking you know is arrogance. It may be that the best thing about your restaurant is the location and this concept will not work anywhere else. It is easy to fool oneself into thinking that you are a great restaurateur. Until you ask the guest and they tell you “why”, you do not really know.

Forget about other projects until you understand How to Grow Step 1.