Thursday, September 20, 2007

Municipal Help:

New York City is helping restaurants navigate the web of regulations necessary to get a restaurant license. An article from Associated Press:

“The program — apparently the nation's first city-sponsored restaurant training workshop — is meant to help would-be restaurateurs navigate the city's notorious red tape in opening a restaurant.

"If you want to open a restaurant in New York City you may be visiting up to a dozen different agencies," said Robert Walsh, commissioner of the Department of Small Business Services. "In a complex situation where you have an outdoor cafe in a landmarked building, you could need up to 50 different permits. That is a time-consuming, maddening effort."

Run by New York City's Department of Small Business Services and Seedco, a nonprofit organization that promotes job training and entrepreneurship, the seminar consists of lectures and PowerPoint presentations plus the chance to network with fellow students.”

Just an “Average Joe” observation here, would it not be easier to enact laws and regulations that make sense and are not shrouded in mystery. Governments enact unintelligible laws and then help its citizenry understand them.

It is good to know that when the rules and regulations become so convoluted that everyone is confused, you can count on a little Municipal Help!