Saturday, September 15, 2007

Rent a Restaurant:

Zipcars and Flexpetz allow you the flexible use of a car or a pet. Dinner By Design offers a slant on this idea by providing home meals prepared in their kitchens. (excerpted from their web site)

”We make it simple and fun for you to prepare healthy home-cooked meals to your family's taste. We do this by creating family friendly monthly menu selections, having high quality, whole-some ingredients, and preparing all those ingredients for you, even down to providing the appropriate measuring cup. We save days of shopping in grocery stores, debating and hunting for items, preparing, chopping, and cleaning up.”

High end restaurants routinely offer take out or curb service on many of their items. Corporate catering and home delivery already are in place. The restaurant prepared home meal is a growing segment of the industry. The concept being discussed is an actual outsourcing of a home kitchen on an as needed basis.

There would seem to be a marketing opportunity for being able to utilize the facilities of a restaurant on individual timetable.

If you can now rent a car for an hour, there would seem to be a need to Rent a Restaurant!