Sunday, January 6, 2008

People are your Competitive Advantage:

Creating customer advocacy is a process that relies entirely on social interaction. The moment a restaurateur hires their first employee, the competitive advantage of your organization shifts from residing with the restaurateur to residing with your employees. Your people, not your menu, not your presentation, not your design, are your competitive advantage. Competitors can copy every aspect of your business however they can’t copy your people.

The restaurateur designs the space, creates the menu, provides the necessary tools, however the execution of the customer experience rests with your employees. That execution, more than any other factor is responsible for your success.

Restaurateur’s at times look upon employees as another element in production, another cog in the wheel and do not focus enough on bringing in excellent people into the organization. Small restaurants have this notion that they can get by with less than perfect people. That notion needs to be dispelled immediately. Hiring behavior is critical to your survival and without great people providing an exceptional customer experience, the process of creating customer advocacy will not flower.

Your people are your competitive advantage.