Sunday, April 18, 2010

Showtime can happen anytime, are you ready?

Everyone gets opportunities to step up to the plate, however what often happens is that people are not ready for their moment in the sun. They spend the rest of their lives looking for another chance at bat that never comes. Businesses also suffer the same fate when Critical Mass visits and finds the enterprise lacking.

Emily Bennington describes what she terms "red light moments".

According to the SSA, if you take 100 men and women at the start of their working careers and follow them for 40 years to retirement age, here’s what you’ll find:

54 will be broke
36 will be dead
5 will continue to work because they can’t afford to retire
4 will be financially independent
1 will be wealthy

So a quick review of the numbers will tell you that only 5% of the population becomes economically successful – and a mere 1% become rock stars.

My guess is that “rock stars” (i.e. the best of the best) are those who don’t shy away from their red light moments. On the contrary, they embrace them. They do the hard work on the back end that makes everything we see on the front end look easy.