Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The return of the dormant consumer culture

Damien Hoffman shares his view on the demise of the consumer.

... in the United States of America, consuming things is a powerful part of our culture. Our drive to consume is so overwhelming, we even mistake existential freedom with the much smaller idea of freedom to buy and consume whatever we want whenever we want it.

...Here’s my prediction: the millisecond hiring picks up, paychecks will be traded for more songs on iTunes, sweeter cars, larger houses, fresher clothes, etc. It’s not that we don’t want to retire. It’s that we want it all. That’s what we’ve been told all along. We are Americans. We can have it all. And no matter how many people disprove the theory, there’s a new generation waiting to express their freedom to try.

Clearly the American consumer has taken several massive body blows, however I agree with Damien completely. Consumerism is in our blood, the pent up demand is staggering.