Thursday, August 2, 2007

Non Linear:

Tom Peters’ blog today addresses the need to be gentle on yourself because the world in non-linear.

“But if history is any guide, there will indeed be "outlier" events that confound the current process. We digressed to Nassim Nicholas Taleb's "black swans" [The Black Swan], my favorite digression these days. Ever so much of where we are at a given time, personally or organizationally, is determined by the tiniest set of "black swans"—outlier events not imagined, or even imaginable, until they have become history.

So, "the word" for the day (any day! Every day!): non-linear.

Life is non-linear.
Progress, if indeed there be progress, is non-linear.

A very, very few black swans will break you—or make you. The "trick," then, is to be more or less prepared for the unpreparable”

You can plan, analyze, synchronize, and make allowance for every probable circumstance, and yet stuff happens!

Never lose sight of the fact that the universe is expanding at an accelerating rate and no one can explain this! Do not worry about things you can't control

Entrepreneurs by definition are comfortable with ambiguity. If not comfortable, they have a much higher tolerance.

“Life is Non-Linear!”