Sunday, June 27, 2010

Understand the river

When I put my hand in the flowing river, I am connecting with the last of what has been and the first of what is yet to come"

Charles Lee explains his investment style to .

For Lee, it's not a stretch to draw lessons about investment management from fly fishing: "When you go to the river, you sit there first and just watch. You see many things you hadn't seen before -- dragonflies are floating or damselflies are flying, the way the wind and sun move. Then you hear sounds you never heard before. Then you notice how the fish are doing. What are they eating? Where are they going? The goal is not to say how many fish you catch. The goal is to know and understand the river. That's the way I look at investing and studying markets. If you understand the river, you will catch a lot of fish."

Operating a business has a lot to do with the flows of a river