Saturday, February 2, 2008

Groundhog Day:

The chill of midwinter grips western Pennsylvania. In most of the little hamlets that populate the rolling hills of this beautiful area, citizens are snug in their homes happily sleeping. Not in Punxsutawney, its 3:00am on the morning of February 2, shuttle buses are lined on Mahoning Street to take the assembled multitude up to the temple of the believers. Others walk the mile or so out of town up the winding roads to the home of the Seer of Seers, the Prognosticator of Prognosticators. All of these believers have one destination this early morning, Gobbler’s Knob.

The members of the Groundhog Club’s Inner Circle make their yearly trek to Gobbler’s Knob on the morning of February 2. Here amid the revelry, good cheer, hot chocolate, fireworks and camaraderie is the serious business of weather prognostication.

“PHIL, PHIL, PHIL”, is the shout from the assembled believers.

“We Believe, We Believe, We Believe”, they exclaim!


“look what light through yon horizon breaks, hark it is the east and the sun rises!”