Sunday, December 23, 2012

dancing through our memories

December has returned, with it's twinkling lights and festive music. the seasons do pass. In three weeks the days will start to get longer as the dance toward Summer begins anew. Presuming that we survive the Mayan apocalypse of course. Wait a minute, didn't the Pope just say that Dennis the Small screwed up the dates in the Middle Ages. The Mayan Apocalypse has already come and gone. Ok let us celebrate.

Life is a series of long days that make up a short year, and an even shorter lifetime. We are just dancing through our memories. We are just a bunch of memories really, funny thing though is that our memories are malleable, they change based on the mood that we are in when we recall them. Holidays memories have a special flavor because we place so much meaning on them, "I am dreaming of a White Christmas".