Friday, November 30, 2012

overnight really

James Chartrand explains overnight success

Before becoming an overnight success, so-and-so made a crucial decision: to go after what he wanted. To work at it hard. To pursue it. To put in the time, the energy and the effort.
Then so-and-so actually began the process. He followed through.

No one notices so-and-so and his work in the beginning. He isn’t a recognized household name. He isn’t a popular innovator of some awesome product. He doesn’t have a big list of fans or followers or important networking contacts.

He starts with nothing but him, his idea and his work.

Then one day, someone notices. Someone pays attention. Someone points this so-and-so out to someone else. And so the attention begins to spread.

All of a sudden, Mr. So-and-so gets noticed by more people, and more, and more until there’s an avalanche of attention coming his way. Out of the blue. As if this person sprung out of nowhere.

Overnight, even.

But the only thing that truly happened overnight was the willingness to try and the decision to put in the work. And that’s something anyone can do.