Saturday, July 7, 2012

Explore the limits

James Altucher's insight into how to push the limits.

How do you explore your limits? I don’t know. I tried to figure out an easy formula for that for this article. But I only know what it’s like for me to explore my limits. I do it by:

-          Questioning everything. Writing if the answers come up different than I thought. (college, home, voting, Europe, war, religion, etc)

-          Writing about everything that made me feel a certain way. Or things I was ashamed of but I learned from. (failure at business, relationships, etc).

-          Not being afraid to contact people “out of my league”.

-          Exploring. Whether its spiritual. Or through reading. Or visiting a new place. Or going further in exercise. Or even trying to do nothing when expectations are to do something.

-          Considering myself an expert in anything until proven otherwise. Often I’m proven not an expert – right where my limits are.