Saturday, April 6, 2013

every story has a beginning

BREATHE in deeply, exhale gently. You are the universe!!! You are part of an uninterrupted chain of events that dates to the dawn of the universe. This moment you are part of all that will come after. The essence that make up your physical being was present at that moment the chaos of star stuff came out of the stillness, the beginning.

You are a miracle, you are magical, the product of an unbroken progression of life that dates back to the origins of life on earth, further still to the dawn of existence. The elements of your physical being were elements present at the dawn of the universe. You are the universe, brethren to all things, to trees and mountains, to stars and water. You are star stuff.

You are critically important to the reality that we call life. The reality as we currently know it would be different without you, vastly different.

A white-hot inferno of volcanic activity lies twenty-two miles beneath your feet. The cool mantle named Earth protects all of us from a spectacular fiery demise. We are puffs of air, we live on a blue rock, a speck of dust still cooling from its explosive birth, orbiting a small star at the perimeter edge of an small galaxy, within the seemly limitless galaxies we call the universe. As vast as the universe is, you are a piece. You are the universe!!!..............